Linguistics GPA

The Linguistics GPA is computed across all courses that you apply to your Linguistics major under Groups A, B, or C. This includes:

  • introductory classes, such as Ling 170D, as well as advanced courses
  • classes that are offered by other departments, such as Psychology or Philosophy, or other Washington University schools such as Medicine (PACS)
  • classes that double count for other majors or minors

The Linguistics GPA does not include any of the following:

  • classes that do not appear on your Washington University transcript
  • classes for which the official grade on your transcript is CR, NCR, I, W, R, L, Z, or N
  • classes taken at another university
  • classes applied only toward fulfillment of the foreign language requirement
  • classes that you do not apply toward your Linguistics major, even if they are listed under Linguistics (L44)

These exclusions are inflexible. For example, we cannot count a grade from another university even if you show us a transcript from that university, or even if it is part of a study abroad program sanctioned by Wash U.

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