Dr. Kristen Greer Joins the Linguistics Program

This fall, the Linguistics Program welcomes a new lecturer, Dr. Kristen Greer. She will be teaching Introduction to Linguistics, Introduction to Semantics, Syntactic Analysis, and other linguistics courses.

Dr. Greer comes to us from the University of California. She spent ten years as a student at UCDavis, where she finished her BA in Spanish (Dec. 2006), MA in Spanish (June 2009), and PhD in Linguistics (Dec. 2014), and she then moved on to UCLA, where she spent a year (2015-2016) teaching introductory linguistics, syntax, and semantics as a full-time lecturer in the Department of Linguistics. 

Dr. Greer's research centers on issues in the syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of quantification, particularly the notoriously tricky, non-logical quantifiers many and few. Her dissertation lays the foundation for a new theory of the syntactico-semantic structure of quantifiers, one that takes into consideration how the meanings associated with these expressions varies with context. Her current focus is on expanding this new architecture and considering its implications for other areas of the grammar.