Dr. Kristin Van Engen to Join Program as Assistant Professor

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Kristin Van Engen will be joining our faculty in her new role as Assistant Professor this coming Fall semester. 

Dr. Van Engen earned her PhD in Linguistics at Northwestern University in 2010 with a dissertation on linguistic factors in speech-in-speech perception.  She was a Post-Doctoral Researcher for the Departments of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Linguistics and a Lecturer for the Department of Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin from 2011-2012. She has been a Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow here at Washington University in the Linguistics Program and the Department of Psychology since 2012. Her husband Abram Van Engen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English here at Washington University. 

Her research is directed at understanding human speech perception and processing, with a focus on the sensory and cognitive mechanisms that support successful communication in challenging listening conditions. She is guided by particular concerns for 1) how linguistic experience shapes speech perception and processing and 2) how signal-intrinsic (e.g., accent) and signal-extrinsic factors (e.g., noise) interact to modulate the success of communication. 

We are very excited to have Dr. Van Engen join our Linguistics family in her new capacity and look forward to the further growth of our program.