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Faculty and Alumni at LSA

Washington University was well represented this year in New Orleans at the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America.

The Alumni in attendance were Gaja Jarosz ('01, UMass), Anna Mai ('15, UCSD), Blake Lehman ('16, UCLA), Marie Bissell ('17, Ohio State), Alicia Chatten ('17, NYU), Faculty in attendance were John Baugh, Nick Danis, and Brett Hyde.

Marie Bissell gave a talk entitled "Get out of town!: Evidence of male speaker leading changes in /aʊ/ nucleus height in Raleigh, North Carolina". You can find out more about Marie's work here:

Alicia Chatten is the chair of the LSA Committee on Student Issues and Concerns. You can find out more about Alicia's interests by visiting her website:

Blake Lehman gave a talk entitled "Apparent non-local exceptionality in Avatime tone sandhi". You can see the slides from Blake's talk here.

Anna Mai presented work with co-authors Eric Meinhardt (UCSD), Eric Baković (UCSD), and Adam McCollum (Rutgers) on "Questioning to resolve transduction problems". You can find out more about Anna's interests by visiting her website:

John Baugh gave a talk on "Black and blue perspectives on 'The Talk'", and Nick Danis presented a poster entitled "Phonology needs geometry: Implicit axioms in segmental representation". You can see Dr. Danis's poster here.